Cattle farming business plan in Nigeria

Cattle Farm Business Plan in Nigeria 2022 Feasibility Study

Cattle farm business plan in Nigeria – Cattle farming as well as cattle fattening business in Nigeria talks about cow rearing business in Nigeria, it comes in a PDF or Word DOC file format. Now when the question of cattle farms in Nigeria or cattle rearing in Nigeria comes up, people only relate it to the Nigerian Fulanis, but the truth is, although the Fulanis are known for cattle rearing in Nigeria, however, the business in general can be done by anyone.

With the cattle farm business plan in Nigeria, you get to appreciate how lucrative this aspect of agriculture is and how viable it can be if properly invested upon. This entails having to provide the necessary tools that will aid you in the venture of farming cattle. Over a period now, we’ve been discussing business plans on various agricultural ventures, from pig farming business plan to goat farming business plans, I’ve also discussed how you can start any of these business farms.

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The truth of the matter now is that the agricultural sector of the economy is a very vast sector of the economy and so many areas are yet to be harnessed. Interest in agriculture covers several areas, and these areas includes some specialized areas such as our topic cattle rearing which is under livestock farming, we have poultry farming for birds, we also have crop production which is under farming, then you also have seedling that involves farming of maize etc.

However, our focus will be on the cattle farming business of agriculture. One of the major factors that can make you to succeed in any venture is adequate knowledge of the venture, that is also applicable to cattle farming business as it requires you acquiring the needed knowledge not just the basic ones since you will need to understand the financial projection involved.

The financial projection of the venture is as important as the business itself. You get to know things like how much you need to invest as it regards business space, business equipment etc, this will enable that you do not loose your money in the business venture.

Agricultural business has always been big, you have bring into the equation the equation functions such as the equipment needed, land space since it involves agriculture, then funding the farming project… other things required includes employing all the necessary expertise such as Veterinary doctor for your animals, a feed expert, these are somewhat of a basic things you need to have in order for your Cattle farming business plan to become effective, in fact your plan will become a success and your cattle farming business a model for others.

How Lucrative Is Cattle farming Business In Nigeria?

One of the questions people ask before going into a particular business is the viability of the business, trust me, it is never wrong to make such inquiries before going ahead with the plans of setting up your own business. Truth is, businesses thrive on the profits made, hence it is important to know if the business is lucrative.

In the case of cattle farming in Nigeria and how lucrative it can be, a simple check on the rate of cow meat consumption in Nigeria is a testament of how lucrative the business can be, a report once revealed few years back that in Lagos of Nigeria alone, about a hundred thousand (100,000) cows are slaughtered on a daily basis. By that figure, when you check how many are killed in a month in Lagos state, a month of 31 days three point one million (3,100,000) cows are slaughtered while three million in 30 days months, use the same figure and check for a year for Lagos state alone, you’ll be amazing and mind you festive periods are not included.

The fact is that the craze for cow meat is high and that is why the demand is always in a very large quantities. Unlike pig meats that is forbidden in the north, cow meat is one meat that is acceptable in all part of the country, in fact in every market cow meat has the largest portion of any kind of meat market. Enugu Military market kills over fifty (50) cows every week, depending on the daily demand.

Cattle farming business is so lucrative that not just the meat is sold for financial gain, there are other cattle produce that can as well be financially rewarding, they include the following;

  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • Cow skin
  • Bones
  • Horn
  • Cow feces for manure etc

Most of the milk used in beverages production are gotten from cows, the hides are considered the toughest and the most preferred in the making of leather bags, shoes, clothing, belts etc. Other useful stuffs gotten from cow are the horns and bones which can be sued in the manufacturing of household items such as spoons, ceramic plates and cups etc.

A well written feasibility study on cattle farming in Nigeria will help you in identifying those aspect of the business that needs harnessing and why profit maximization is the goal of the business.

Ranching Or Herding Which Is Better?

In the Nigerian political space, there has been the debate over the best adaptable method of rearing cattle, it has been established that cattle business is lucrative and that you need a cattle farming business plan in Nigeria in order to make head way, however, it is also important to make a choice on the type of rearing you want, there are two types of cattle rearing, one is by ranching and the other is by herding.

In Nigeria today, herding is the most popular method of rearing cattle and it is mostly done by the fulanis in Nigeria.

Herding method of rearing cattle – Common amongst the fulanis, this is a system of rearing animals were the herdsman will be moving from one location to another, in this system of rearing, a herder can actually travel on foot with the cattle from Sokoto state to Kogi state all with the aim of finding green pastures. This system of rearing comes with its advantages as well as its disadvantages;

Advantages Of Herding Method Of Cattle farming

  • There will be no need to build a ranching facility since the cattle does not have a permanent home.
  • There won’t be need to be buying feed for the cattle since the essences of moving from one place to another is to seek different pastures for the cattle.
  • Won’t have to hire personnel and experts.
  • All you need to do is buy the cattle and hand it over the herders after a fee has been agreed.

Disadvantages Of Herding Method Of Cattle farming  

  • The cattle becomes so stress that it might not be able to produce enough milk and also it becomes skinny due to long distance trek
  • The cattle easily falls sick due to long distance trek and the unavailability of a Doctor around or a hospital where treatment can be carried out.
  • The cattle will not be as productive as it should be due to the stress of long distance trek, and it can even affect the price of the cow.
  • The cattle fattening technique might not work on these cow because it barely has time to rest.

The truth is that in cattle farming in Nigeria, cattle herding for a very long time has been viewed as the best method to adapt when it comes to cattle farming business, reason for this has been stated in our advantages of the system, however, in recent years, the headers and farmers clashes has increased and it has given the question of choosing ranching which is considered the 21st century method of cattle farming. I wouldn’t advise anyone to choose herding today in Nigeria, because the government might be forced into banning it thereby allowing peace to reign.

Ranching method of rearing cattle – A lot Nigerians have argued that ranching should be only way of rearing cattle rearing, the reasons are obvious, first is that it will end the continuously bloody clash between farmers and herders. In this system of farming cattle, you will be expected to spend money in building a ranch, purchasing as well as transporting the fodder, employ staff who will manage the ranch, in essence transportation business becomes important in this regard.

Advantages Of Ranching Method Of Cattle farming

  • In ranching, you can implement the cattle fattening business plan idea in order to make yours more productive.
  • Cattle reared through ranching are said to be more fertile and productive
  • You can easily identify the cattle that is sick and you can quickly engage the services of a vet.

Disadvantages Of Ranching Method Of Cattle farming

There is a cost implication of setting you a ranch. This includes the following;

  • Building the ranch
  • Purchasing the cattle fodder
  • Hiring staff for running and maintaining the ranch.

Factors To Consider While Setting Up

  • Choose a preferred cattle rearing method
  • Write a business plan
  • Research on new market potentials
  • Chose a location to build your ranch
  • The number of staff to hire
  • Consider the security involved
  • Know your competitors
  • Register your business at CAC

Writing A cattle Cattle Farm Business Plan

Here are some of the things you need to have in order to get going;

Background of The Business: Having a background knowledge of how the cattle farming business works gives you an insight on what should be included in your cattle farming business plan. Take for example, the knowledge that beef consumption amounted to 380 000 tons in 2014 and there is a possible growth in this regard of up to 1.3 million tons by 2050, an information like this can guide you into making the required investment, owning to the fact that meat market has a poor infrastructure. Slaughter of livestock and fresh meat trade is concentrated in the public open markets without packing and refrigeration, resulting in a significant reduction in the quality and shelf life. This necessitates the need for commercial and industrial companies that are able to solve the problems of the meat market and provide a mass public access to high quality meat at a reasonable price. Information like this could ensure that you get a proper survey on how you go about your set up.

Vision, Mission, Objective & Values of the Business: As a vision what do you hope to achieve with your cattle farm business. It is important to ensure that your goal should revolve around become a renowned distributor of quality beef in Nigeria, with the aim of closing the deficit in beef as well as ensuring quality products.

Mission: You vision has been outlined, now what is your mission? It will be great to factor in the value chain of  breeding as well as fattening your young animal to fattening, getting a HACCP-compliant abattoir slaughter and processing house for the beef meat, ensure that you have a great environment for animal meat processing etc ensure that your cattle Farm business has its Core Values is entrenched in – Excellence, Creativity, Transparency, Innovation, Customer Satisfaction etc

Assurance on Quality Product And Services: As stated earlier, the provision of environmental friendly meat house/abattoir serves as one of the services in question, in terms of products, there is a long list of products which are categorized into the main product and the by-products, these products are the main stay of the business, apart from the  beef/meat, there is the milk, hide, cheese etc

Market Analysis: The objective for market analysis is to determine the ideal customer segment that are willing and are able to pay for your Farm beef, milk, hide/skin as well as other main products and by-products. This will also include an identification of their location, ideal price, product packaging and method of product delivery.

Our idea is to walk back from the ideal customer’s situation to offer a product that perfectly meets their need. A copy of our research questions is available in the appendix.

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