COVID19 – Corona Virus Business Impact

At the turn of the year 2020, everyone was surly optimistic about the opportunities the new year would bring and also the multiple offers that are there for those who want to explore different career path as well as those who wants to grow in their career.

From the beginning, no one thought that things will turn out the way it did, to some as early as February, while most of us began to feel the impact of the virus towards the end of March. At first, COVID-19 was really never or not considered as deadly as it has become when the first case was reported in Wuhan, China. Everyone including those in the business sector felt it was going to be one of those viruses that would be handled and it would never become as it has become today.

Today, Corona virus is a pandemic, this means that it will affect so many aspects of our life. Over the past few months the world has struggled to contain what will turn out to be one of the most devastating disease over the last century.

After the death over a hundred thousand people, world health organization (WHO) decided that they will consider COVID 19 a pandemic, this means that there will be concerns for health and people safety, the covid 19 symptoms are well known, the World Health Organization has released what will be the list of symptoms of COVID-19.

The spread of the pandemic has been rapid and the number of deaths as a result of the pandemic has continues to be on the rise.

What Does COVID-19 Mean for Businesses

One of the things that have happened in this period of corona virus spread is the total lock down of major cities, towns and villages, by extension the lock down of businesses in countries such as Italy, Spain, China, United Kingdom, United States Of America etc affecting major cities like Milan, New York, Madrid etc.

There has been massive retrenchment from different businesses, from restaurants business, transportation business, farming business which also includes live stock farming, in fact businesses are folding up and thousands has already lost their jobs with the only hope being the possible discovery of a vaccine or a drug that can be used for treatment. For the mean time there measures which can be used to reduce the possible spread of the virus. Some of the measure includes;

(1) Seat at home

(b) Social distancing

(c) Avoiding crowded gathering

(d) Constant washing of the hands

(e) Continues application of hand sanitizer, especially when exposed to the virus

(f) Using of face mask and most change mask at interval

(g) Use of hand gloves

(h) Avoid handshake and any other type of body contact etc

The essence for all these measures is to ensure that the spread of the covid 19 virus is limited since human contact is the main transportation method.

What Is Pandemic

According to World Health Organization, pandemic can best be described as the spread of a new disease, Ellen foxman, MD, Ph.D a renowned researcher on viral infections and Microorganisms in virology had revealed.


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