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With a daily increase of possible cases of Covid 19 there is an out cry for a cure, say drugs that could be used for the covid-19 treatment. The question has been on lips of many people on how an individual can identify a possible corona virus case or Symptoms of Corona virus (COVID-19). the corona virus symptoms is the same one every human including kids, looking at the corona symptoms timeline, they have always read the same thing, and massive education is currently going on as to how people can identify those with the virus, the truth is this… that task is difficult because it is transmittable by humans and you can not actually determine who has it by only looking at a person.

The fact is that the corona virus disease which became known in 2019 has crippled almost every aspect of human existence, hence the importance to at least have a comprehensive list of covid 19 symptoms. There are over ten different type of corona virus symptoms, and it has its different ways of affecting people. The human system differs from one another, that is why most times this symptoms doesn’t show so early in most people, while others becomes sick almost immediate after they most have had contact with a carrier.

The covid-19 symptoms affects people differently, this explains the reason why you should at least known what these coronavirus symptoms are, although while some people might not require treatment from any hospital others might be admitted in order to adequately recover from the disease. This simply means not everyone will be hospitalized as a result COVID-19

COVID 19 Symptoms (Signs of Corona Virus Infection)

We have three categorizes of Corona virus symptoms, first we have the most common symptoms category, then the less common category and finally the serious symptoms categories. Each category has its symptoms, however, everyone is expected to trade cautiously, below are the listed symptoms of COVID 19;

Most Commons Corona Virus symptoms – These are the symptoms that you’ll likely see people exhibiting, they include the following;

– Tiredness – This might be because of stress or engagement in strenuous activities.

– fever – In this part of the world, suffering from fever is as common as any illness, most times we self medicate which is not advisable, simply meet a doctor when you have this symptoms.

– Dry Cough – A combination of this three or anyone should be enough red flag. Contact those in charge of covid 19 cases in your area and quickly get tested.

Less Common Corona Virus Symptoms – The symptoms listed here are those you’re not likely going to see people exhibit, but in good faith, if you know you are already exhibiting any of these, report yourself to the authority, and commence treatment.

  • Diarrhea
  • Aches and pains
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • A rash on skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Loss of taste or smell

Serious Corona Virus symptoms – The disease is contagious, hence, do not allow it to get serious before seeking for medical help, however, if it eventually get to this level, isolate yourself in order to reduce the risk of spreading it, here are some of the serious symptoms;

– When you are having difficulty while breathing or you experience shortness of breath

– When you experience chest pain or you see med pressured on your chest region

– Once you experience loss of speech as well as loss of movement

As it stands, there are not drugs, vaccine for the cure or treatment of covid-19, however, you are required to seek medical attention once you experience any of the serious symptoms. It has been medically advised that when you experience any of the mild symptoms which includes those symptoms listed under most and less common symptoms, should at least manage their health from home and should be within 5–6 days, there are possible situation where it can take up to 14 days.


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