Duties of relationship manager

Duties of relationship manager revolves around the ability to develop as well as to implement some processes that will enable the smooth running of the firm or to enhance operational efficiency.

The Duties Of a Relationship Manager, is that the individual responsible manages customer service operations in the most effective way, in order to portray good image to the public. In essence he has the responsible to directly deal with the customers, that is to say he is the first contact in the firm.

Duties Of A Relationship Manager To Borrowed Fund

The primary Duties Of a Relationship Manager includes but not limited to his ability to develops, fast tracks as well as report all the important performance measurements; below are more of these duties;

  • Coordination of all matters to the bank and the borrower in issue relating to management, legal, insurance and premise
  • Advice on availability of the facility and crucial implications on how the facility may turn out depends on his advice and understanding of the terms and conditions offer. For instance, provision relating to certain restrictions as gearing ratio, liquidity ratio, payment of dividends, acquisition of assets must be cleared and enforced. The repayment terms and agreement must be enforced without any hindrance.
  • One of the Duties Of a Relationship Manager is that he prepares the proper document which is vital in credit management. The facility can easily be enforced and rendered delinquent if proper documentation is not done. Therefore, proper documentation as stated must be followed accordingly.
  • Visitation to customer – The bank relationship officer must form a habit of visiting the customer (borrower) regularly to ensure proper utilization of the fund borrowed.

These visits will provide the prompt information about the customer. In fact, it behaves the relationship manager to stay very close to the borrower.  Remember that the lack of information on the state of borrowers business can bring about non performing loan. Therefore, the value of information is to facilitate analysis, guide actions and decisions to the extent that the relationship is an evolving one.

Information is a safe net to the bank at all times. Many relationship bank managers because of their personal interest suppressed important information and hence by their actions or in action had made their banks to become distressed. It is not the Duties Of a Relationship Manager to fall in love with the borrower. This doesn’t actually mean that they should avoid their customer, but that they should know where to draw the line of relationship.

Roles And Responsibilities Of Relationship Manager

Duties of a Relationship Manager includes but not limited to the following points as listed below;

  • They are responsible for building and maintaining relationships with important clients as well as other key personnel
  • They are responsible in conducting the firm businesses as well as to review them in order to enable the customer to be satisfied with services as well as the products he is getting.
  • They are to build a strong and lasting relationship with customers as well as hunting for a perceived potential customer
  • One of the important Duties Of a Relationship Manager is that he creates as well as maintains a loyal customer base whic in turns keeps the business going.
  • Due to the attention given to duties, he can reduces costs as well as increases efficiency thereby improving customer satisfaction and excellent service delivery.

We should understand that the borrower is a human being, therefore, we must employ the techniques of human relations when dealing with them.

In conclusion,, one must understand that the bank (lender) should take precautions that will ensure a proper appraisal of any credit proposal and the Duties Of a Relationship Manager entails that the management of such loans and advance are properly looked after in order to avoid the situation of non performing credit.


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