Feasibility Study On Cold Room Business In Nigeria

Feasibility Study On Cold Room Business In Nigeria 2023 Sample

A check on for any feasibility study on the World Wide Web will open you up to over a thousand other researches done on different businesses that will potentially yield income as the business grows, one of such business is the cold room business in Nigeria.

It is important to note that this feasibility study on cold room business in Nigeria was professionally written and can be used to access bank loan in the event that you do not have enough capital to start up the business. Also you can also use this feasibility study to access grants, enter into competitions etc, in essence the feasibility study has the required information you need to start up a cold room or frozen food business, the feasibility study also has a financial projections which will give you a hint on what you will spend while setting up, the incomes, the return on investment etc.

In recent years people have nurtured the fear that frozen food is very harmful to the body and as such must be avoided by any means necessary, that negative trend caused some sort of shortage in sales for the business, although the report wasn’t entirely a false, there were imported frozen food that were contaminated due to the period they were stored and also the chemicals used in the storage were harmful, however, through the intervention of the government, a ban was placed on the importation of frozen food, this simply means that a higher percentage of frozen food gotten from any of the cold room across the country are mainly from local farms in the country.

As a result of these policies by the government both farmers and cold room business owners are now making ends meets.

Advantages Of Cold Room Business

Since the preservation of food is the reason why cold room business is established in the first place, it helps to keep the food fresh while retaining its nutrient which is very important. Just as stated on our previous post on frozen food business in Nigeria, prices are relatively low and affordable. Now not just that the food is cheap via this process, the food will as well remain fresh no matter how long it is frozen, hence, any form of spoilage will be averted.

Disadvantages Of Cold Room Business

Here are some of the disadvantages you must always look out for while consuming your frozen meal;

  • Frozen food contains high salt content/sodium which can also lead to high blood pressure or heart diseases.
  • It is not advisable to store vegetables in a cold room as they may lose their taste which is the essence of having the cold room
  • Nutrients such as vitamins C and B in fruits can be lost.

Equipment Needed For Cold Room business

The following are some of the equipment you will need when setting up your cold room business in Nigeria. The list below is not in any particular order;

  • Deep and regular Freezer
  • Chopping Table
  • Chopping Knives
  • Chisel
  • Generator for alternate power supply
  • Fan/air conditioner
  • Water container
  • Wooden boards for the chopping foods such as chicken, goat or beef
  • Aprons
  • Cabinet
  • Bowls or buckets
  • Waste bin, etc

In conclusion, there is no time as late in starting up your own business, you can start making plans today and join the entrepreneurial world…

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