How To Start A Restaurant Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Restaurant Business In Nigeria | Fast Food Business

Nigeria being a dynamic country is a place where you have different kind of businesses springing up. Sometimes it can even be a makeshift of what is originally obtainable, that’s why you have people asking questions such as how to start mama put business in Nigeria or trying to get information on starting a buka joint in Nigeria instead of asking how to start a restaurant business in Nigeria.

A mama put business or a buka joint is to a large extent similar to restaurant business, the differences are not all that much. You can point to class as the major difference, while a restaurant business can be set up in a classy environment where rents, light bills as well as other utilities are paid while your average buka or mama put joint can actually be set up by the road side.

It is important to ask the right question, if you are asking to know how to start a restaurant business in Nigeria, be rest assured it costs a lot more, however, asking how to start a buka business in Nigeria, one of the things you must look out for is the possible best location for your set.

One thing is certain, you need either of our feasibility study such as the eatery business plan sample, the restaurant business plan or a feasibility study on restaurant business. The business plans gives you an idea on what you have to do in order to outsmart your competitions. Your business can actually be outstanding if or when you add certain services, I have seen even a buka or mama put adding that luxury of delivering your meal to you, either at your place of work or at home. Other options away from knowing how you can start your own restaurant business in Nigeria is looking out for a way on how to start food delivery business or adding it to your services.

Is Restaurant Business Lucrative In Nigeria?

This is one of the questions I constantly see in my mail box, if restaurant business is lucrative, this is one business that will never fail if managed well, all types of food business are good as well as lucrative, like those who engage in raw food business in Nigeria, you will be shocked at how much they make from their sales.

Do you know why restaurant business will always be lucrative? See below;

  • Food is a basic necessity in life – Every needs food to survive, that is one you can dispute, it gets better when the food is well prepared, and then served to customers. As much as everyone wants to eat food, not everyone wants to eat food that is not well prepared, most people just want to head to the nearest restaurant and eat the best food that they can. A friend once told me that food prepared in restaurants are always well prepared, so he prefers going to a restaurant to eat instead of eating at home. Ever wondered why some men prefers eating out? Most of them are starved of good food at home. Nobody should be denied a well cooked food, especially food served in a serene environment.
  • It has become a norm for families, friends, and lovers to want to eat out, how do you achieve this? It is by visiting some of the food house in the city. Note, it is not that this meal cannot be made and ate at home, but the glamour that accompanies eating out has made it fashionable to want to eat out. In essence, you are bound to have people want to eat what you have to sell them in your restaurant.

How To Start A Restaurant Business In Nigeria

Starting a fast food business entails you do the following;

  • Observe
  • Research
  • Invest
  • Be patient

These four key points enables you to observe your environment to know the type of food joint to set up, observation is key, it tells you how to compete favorably. And then you have research, you can go ahead to research to know why other food joint failed in the area you want to set up before investing, after investing just be patient for your business to grow, during the period of patient, start scouting for ideas from other food joint around, what are they doing that you are not doing yet, implement them.

Factor To Consider Before Setting Up

There are factor you should consider before starting to set up your restaurant business in Nigeria, these factors are important because while some are not controllable, other are, see below;

  • Get a well detailed feasibility study – This simply means buying or write a business plan yourself, if you can. Getting a professional to do it for you won’t be a bad idea also, however, whichever way you choose to get a business plan, please do it, it gives you a well laid plan as well as a foolproof on how you should go about setting up the business. Here you get to know those things the business needs prior to lunching, your business plan will clearly state if what you are setting up is a restaurant business, a fast food joint, Buka joint, Mama put etc. You will also state other service to be rendered by the business. Other things that can be included includes (i) business name (ii) business logo (branding) (iii) the number of staff and their dress code etc.
  • Location – You need to sort out your location before going ahead to set up, along a major road is the best location where you can set, an example is “Ntachi Osa”, “Open Sheraton” and even “Odi Oku”, these are restaurant you can find along major roads in Enugu. Rents as well as other utilities can also be factored into locations

Other factors to consider includes but not limited to;

  • Capital
  • Competition
  • Marketing strategy
  • Equipment
  • Identifying your customer base
  • Type of Service delivery etc

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