How to Start Cattle Farming Business in Nigeria

How to Start Cattle Farming Business in Nigeria

Do you know you can start your own cattle farming business in Nigeria today and make the kind of money you can only dream of?  The cattle farming in Nigeria. PDF can actually give you that edge and much more. A search on Google will reveal a whole lot of information on how to start cattle farming business in Nigeria.

Before I go ahead with the focus of this post on how to start cattle farming in Nigeria, as we will be covering a whole lot which includes factors to consider, types of cattle of cattle rearing etc, first of all, you need  to understand the importance of the feasibility study on cattle farming in Nigeria DOC, the truth is this, cattle farming involves a whole lot of technicality which covers the method of rearing to adopt, the financial implication which is very important and many more.

The feasibility study will help you in educating on the necessary things you need for the cattle farm to succeed. A glance at the cattle business plan exposes you to the modalities of the business. Since you will be investing a whole lot into the venture, it is very important to start with a plan, in addition to that a cattle fattening business plan in Nigeria will also do you a whole lot of good also.

What Are The Types Of Cattle Rearing Do We Have?

This should be one of the first questions you should be asking yourself, because it depends on you on the type of rearing you want to adopt, in Nigeria, we have basically two types and they includes (i) Herding (ii) Ranching.

Herding – When it comes cattle farming or rearing live stock in Nigeria, herding has always been the most common, even as kids we usually see these herders moving from one location to another, the essence is to find good areas where these cattle can graze, it comes with its own troubles too as many incidences which involves clashes with local farmers has resulted in the deaths of many, I foresee a ban on this cattle rearing method. However, before then you can still hire those who can herd your cattle.

Ranching – Most western nation ranch instead of herd, and this system has proven to be more productive than herding, the truth is this, when a cow is made to cover so many distances, there are tendencies that it will be less productive, nations like the Netherlands who are mainly into farming of all types have made more profits from their agricultural products than countries like Nigeria that has mineral oil.

Factors To Consider Before Starting Your Cattle Farming Business In Nigeria

See below, factors you should consider before you start setting up a cattle farm in Nigeria;

Cost Of Running A cattle farming business – There are huge monetary involvement in this line of business, this is why you need a plan in order to ascertain what you should be spending your money on, take for a example, choosing a type of rearing, already two has been listed, it is left for you to chose one that best suits you, on the post Cattle farming Business Plan In Nigeria, we discussed the pros and cons of either of the two types, however, we suggested that you chose ranching going by the productivity level, note that this method comes with huge financial implication.

Security Situation In The Country – Going by the continuous clashes between farmers and herders, this has created an unwanted security concerns in the country, and the tension has become so high that the government decided to intervene through programs such as RUGA etc however, arguments has been that ranching will stop these clashes between farmers and herder, and a call to go into ranching has been made, however, ranching also comes with its own cons, and this particularly comes in a situation of theft, ranches gets robbed and most times these cows are not recovered, measures such as different insurance scheme has been put in place to that in check, at the end ranching has more pros than cons.

Politics Of Cattle Rearing In Nigeria – This factor really determines a whole lot on its own, do you know that the government can ban any business today and the business owners will suffer it, take for example cattle herding which has caused so much trouble to everyone including the government, there are chances that government can ban herding and this will automatically becomes an issues to say a cattle farmer with over a hundred cows, where will he put then? As it stands, it will be easier for government to ban herding and encourage ranching.

Other factors Includes but not limited to the following;

  • Getting business plan/feasibility report
  • Securing a location, in essence securing a business space.
  • Employing capable hands to help run the business, either of the types of rearing involves employing personnel.
  • The number of cattle to start up with, this is important, as it will help your financial projection.
  • Get your business registered to avoid embarrassment from government agencies.

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