How To Start Plastic Recycling Business In Nigeria

How To Start Plastic Recycling Business In Nigeria

The plastic recycling business has become one of those businesses that you could go into leveraging on existing establishment to make gain; most people are unaware of the potentials in this recycling, considering the number of people who prefer bottled water to sachet pure water, and those who would want their drinks to be in plastic bottles or containers.

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The plastic recycling business has been overlooked for a while now, not putting into consideration the amount of money which could be made and then the environmental benefit which comes with moving around and gathering every plastic on the street. Plastic recycling is different from waste management, in waste management the individual is all about moving from home to home gathering their refuse dumps or moving from one street to another street gathering all the dirt there.

The essence is to ensure a cleaner environment  and ensure safety of health while on the other hand plastic recycling is geared towards collection of all types of plastic bottles from water bottles, mineral bottles, juice bottles etc, the essence for this is to recycle this plastic into something else which could as well be useful on the long run, both waste management and plastic recycling might not have the same target, both in one way or the other seem to aim at the same thing which is environmental clean up.

True plastics bottles are not good for our sewage as they are most times responsible for the many blockages in most towns and city centres, the process of gathering these plastic bottles is a kind of relieve for those in the area of waste management as a whole lot would have been done on their behalf.

The question now is how you participate in the venture of plastic recycling, how to start plastic recycling business in Nigeria, how do you make profit from recycling plastic, where do you even begin from. While our focus is on how to start plastic recycling business in Nigeria we’ll look at a few things like the profit potential of the business, is it worth it going into or investing your time and resources in? How capital intensive is the business?

Profit Potential Of The Business

Going by information and research done on the business potentials of plastic recycling business in Nigeria, it is has become easier to understand why a lot more people are considering gathering of plastics for already established companies, the things is that setting up a plastic recycling business can very expensive, however, to benefit from the business cycle you can contribute by becoming agent who goes to the field gathering waste, the profit potential in this is that as an agent you do not necessarily need to build a factory or rent an office space, all you are required to do is to get a sack where you get to load all the plastic bottles you’ve gathered, you could also go into agreement with the factories on how you will be supplying these plastic bottles to them, this will be done for a fee and you get to also choose when to work. Note that the competition is usually stiff here as there will be others who would want to meet there target.

How To Start Plastic Recycling Business In Nigeria

Briefly, here are some of the answers to your question on how to start plastic recycling business in Nigeria, they will help you in channeling your scarce resources to the right places, see below;

  • Market survey – Study the market to know how it can benefit you, the essence is not to get involved in a business that takes all your time and yields no rewards, market survey tell you who your customers are as well as how you can make them to continue patronizing you. You need detailed information on the business.
  • business plan – A business plan in this respect is very important, every business venture deserves a business plan that will help you achieve you aim of setting up the business as well not spending unnecessary, so you have the option to either buy or to contract those who are professionals in writing business plan.
  • Raising capital: You need capital to successfully set up any type of business, plastic recycling business is not excluded. You can use your business plan to apply for bank loan, grants etc with a view of repaying back in records time.
  • Recycling equipment: If your plans are geared towards establishing a plastic recycling factory, then you will need some of the best recycling equipment you can get, however, if your plan is to attach yourself to an already established plastic recycling company. Then all you will be need will be your immediate equipment.

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