How To Start Recruitment Agency In Nigeria

How To Start Recruitment Agency In Nigeria

There are so many opportunities and businesses out there for people to explore, but one thing I know that has hindered many to explore is the know how in running these businesses or exploiting the opportunities.

I usually get emails on how to start this business or that business, one of the businesses that I usually get is how to start travel agency business in and Nigeria and how to start computer training business in Nigeria, however, on this article, the focus will be on How to start recruitment agency business in Nigeria.

It is important you know what a recruitment agency is first and foremost, a recruitment agency is an agency that help individuals secure jobs at firms where ordinarily they won’t, they also help organisation to recruit suitable and qualified certified candidate for openings in their organisations.

A recruitment agency is known for their ability to select qualified individuals for a job, they are most times referred to as employment agency. the recruitment business has become one of the in thing in Nigeria, given that the number of graduates looking for jobs at different places warrants this, the thing is these recruitment agencies do have first hand information about job openings, information that ordinarily an individuals will not have, it then becomes save to assume that the best bet to get preferred job is by signing up with a recruitment agency in order to get the job you so seek.

The recruitment agency has a list of responsibilities which are particular to them; I have carefully listed some of these responsibilities in case you have interest in setting up a recruitment agency.

Responsibilities Of Recruitment Agency

A standard recruitment agency is saddled with the job of getting qualified individuals for a job opening in other established; now how do they go about this recruitment venture, see below;

Accept Curriculum Vitae – In order to know those who are truly qualified, the recruitment agency in most cases call for qualified candidates to submit their curriculum vitae for a possible selection, suitable candidates are then selected from the pool of individuals who submitted their curriculum vitae. Note that the recruitment agency will only accept documents from individuals who are qualified for the job.

Organise Screening Exams – After accepting your curriculum vitae, the recruitment agency will then embark on a screening exercise, an exercise that is designed to pick the best among the pool of individuals who submitted their application. The screening exercise can actually be in stages; usually the process is geared towards ensuring that the best and smart individuals scale through. This screening exercise is usually done in an examination form, individuals with the highest score scales through.

Organise Interview – Subject to the agreement with the firm, the recruitment agency might also handle the responsibility of interviewing potential candidates for the contracting organisation, most organisation may prefer to do this part themselves, however, maybe after the recruitment agency may have do it first. Interview is usually the oral examination of a potential candidate, it is usually a question and answer session. Organisations need smart individuals who can represent them well.

The above are the major things most recruitment agencies do, individuals most time submit their curriculum vitae to these agencies, for suitable vacancies and when the opportunity comes the individual will be contacted.

Note that the services of the recruitment agency is done for a fee, it is usually an arrangement between the individual and the recruitment agency where a certain percentage of individuals salaries goes to the recruitment agency, in the case of established organisation it is usually on contract bases.

How To Start Recruitment Agency In Nigeria

Setting up a recruitment agency can be delicate at times, this is why you need to at least do the following 6 keys to starting a recruitment agency in Nigeria;

1) Write A Business Plan – Setting up a recruitment agency requires an individual who is organised to carry out the responsibility of recruiting qualified individuals for a job opening. A business plan in this regard points that you are aware of the responsibilities of a recruiting agency. A business plan keeps you in the right path as you continue with the setting up of your agency. You get to know what exactly to do next and how to do them, you even get to know how much to spend so as not to spend outside of your budget. your business plan should contain your business description, marketing plan, number of staff to employ, the capacity of the business in general, your business plan must be comprehensively written business plan, or can as well choose the option of buying our expertly written business plan.

2) Choose A Niche – There are different sectors that makes up the economy of Nigeria, the most prominent is the banking and finance industry, we also have the oil sector, telecommunication, agricultural sector, textile etc, all these sectors makes up the workings in the Nigerian economy, it is important to choose a particular sector to focus on, with a view of expanding in the future. For starters you can begin with the most popular sector that are consistently recruiting, and that is the banking sector, why it is important to stay focus on one or two sectors, this is to ensure you do not become overwhelmed by the task in handling recruitment in every sector.

3) Learn The Skill And Earn Experience – In the beginning I made mention of being organised before setting up a recruitment agency, being an organised individual takes requires skill, being in an industry you know nothing about you need to earn the experience required to run a business of this nature, the question now is “how do you gain this experience? You can begin learning the trade by working in any recruitment agency, in your stay with a recruitment agency, ensure you learn all that is required of an individual who wants to set up a recruitment agency, the experience you gain from working in a recruitment agency will then form your skill set. Apart from getting experience, you can as well go for training on how to run a recruitment agency, there are online platform that can help in that regard, the essence is too become a certified agent, the truth is that every business requires the proper skill to succeed.

4) Location – Recruitment agency is a service oriented industry; hence you need to site or a great business environment for your agency in a place where it can be located easily. Look for major road in the city or popular plazas in town and rent an office there, preferably site your site where other firms are located.

5) Register Your Business – Every must that want to attain a legal status must be registered in order to be recognized by law. this procedure is easy, simply pick a name, visit Corporate Affairs Commission in your state, this is done for a fee, a part from this, also registered with associations in charge of recruitment agencies where you get to obtain the necessary licence.

6) Staff Recruitment – from your business plan, you should already know the number of workers you will be employing at your recruitment agency, employing experienced individuals will help you a lot, as much as building a successful business depends on the business owner, people working in that organisation also contributes also in the business growth.

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