How To Start Travel Agency Business In Nigeria

How To Start Travel Agency Business In Nigeria

How To Start Travel Agency Business In Nigeria – The world is changing and it is important we follow the trend of things in order not to be left behind. Over the years we have seen the evolution of agency business, never a time did we think that their will ever be a time when travel agency will become a business venture where people can actually make real money.

The truth of the matter is that travel agency has become big in Nigeria owing it to the large number of Nigerians who want to travel to exotic destinations just for fun, while a whole lot other travels for business or political reasons, just like when we had former presidential aspirant who traveled to Dubai for a meeting.

In the years it has become a thing to contract an agency to help out in sourcing your travel logistics. in the real sense travel agencies are mainly established to ease our travel processing, the truth is that the hassles involved in preparing your travel can be time and energy consuming, hence the need to engage an expert who is experience in that regard, there is a whole lot of freelance travel agents in Nigeria who are readily available to do your bidding, those who may have tried booking their travel ticket and other logistics will tell you that it is tedious, hence it has become a duty for some to engage in ticketing business. in essence you can be at the office and have your travel arrangement completed without visiting anywhere.

Truth is that, you can actually process your travel yourself using any online platform; most people have argued that processing travel document online has reduced the patronage for offline vendors, the truth is that the stress of going back and forth didn’t reduce. The travel industry has experienced tremendous growth over the years, due to the opportunities created, people now want to know how to become a flight booking agent in Nigeria, how to start travel agency business in Nigeria among many other questions.

The reason is because of the growth potentials and the possibility of continuous growth. The travel agency has been estimated to worth over $4 billion, this is according to Nigerian Tourism Development Commission, the fact is that the industry is regarded as the fastest growing in the country and the world at large.

How To Start Travel Agency Business In Nigeria

Considering the amount of spent on securing travels and also depending on how much commission travel agents get in Nigeria for their services, before setting up a travel agency business, there are things that has to be in place, things like knowing the job of a travel agent, having a back ground knowledge of the duties of a travel agent, below are a few things you should having in place;

Get Trained To Acquire Knowledge and Experience – The travel agency business can be complicating and technical as well, that is why getting travel agency training in Nigeria is important before starting your own venture. It’s ok not to have experience in the first instance, however, you can attach yourself to an already established travel agency where you can learn the trade. Note that during this training period, you get to also build your own client list since you will be meeting with a lot of people who patronize travel agencies, this will be helpful when you eventually start your own agency. Another avenue of getting properly trained is enlisting at the IATA who are certified training institute for travel agents, you will as well be issued a certificate to that effect.

Get A Business Plan – A business plan will help you to successfully run your travel agency, you will not have to spend unnecessarily while setting up the agency, you will also have identify your objectives, Aim and market strategies, your business plan is like a map on how you are going to be running your business, your business plan must be comprehensive to includes things like the amount to use in setting up the business, the number staff to employ, the location to chose, financial projections etc

Identify the Kind of travel agent you want to be – This simply means finding your niche, by finding a niche that you are most comfortable with, this also helps you in reducing the market target and then concentrating on a smaller space where you can compete with your limited resources. Trying to do everything might overwhelm you, that is why you should choose a niche you can compete favorably in. It is your job to seek for the niche where you can thrive, this is because the fewer the competition and higher your chances of growing.

Capital – You need to also consider the financial commitment required in setting up a travel agency firm in Nigeria, your capital should include money for the rent of an office space, buying of office equipment etc.

Chose a good location – Not every location is suitable for every business, hence the importance to carefully select a good environment where the business can thrive. you office space should be able to accommodate you and your staff and you should have a waiting room for clients who may want to see you, especially when you have many of them in numbers

Register your Business – for every business to be certified as a legal entity, it must be duly registered at the corporate affairs commission, this is done for a fee, also ensure you join the Nigeria Society Of Travel Agents, also there is the National Association Of Commission Travel Agents (NACTA) and then International Air Transport Association (IATA), it is important to join these associations to avoid future embarrassment, you will be licensed to become an agent. These association are the travel agents what Nigeria Bar Association is to Nigeria lawyer..

Advertise Your Travel Agency – This can be achieved using any social media platform, the essence is to reach more people. Other avenues to exploit while advertising is the newspaper, radio, magazine etc you can also create a website where you will list all of your services. Print flyers, brochures etc, they can be very much effective marketing materials for your business.

Buy Office Equipment – You already know how an office should look like, however, here are some of the office equipment you should buy (i) Computer system (ii) Office desk or table (iii) Chairs (both for office and waiting room) (iv) Internet gadget (Any network can do the job).

Hurry Now! Get the Updated Travel Agency Business Plan In Nigeria which can as well be serve as a feasibility study PDF

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