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LiveStock Business Plan In Nigeria 2023 Sample

On this article we will be discussing some of the livestock farming you can engage. Agriculture has come a long way, it has advance even beyond the level it use to be, these days you hear things like mechanized farming, I have even seen documentaries on how livestock farming is done, you get to harvest in short time and make huge profits. We will precisely look at seven of the most farmed livestock product in Nigeria today; these seven were selected due to their economic value and popularity amongst the customers who buy them. Note that, livestock farming is not limited to the list on this article; however you could explore on others and see the one that best fits you. Also all the livestock farming product that will be discussed comes with their own livestock business plan in Nigeria.

Catfish Farming Business

This is definitely one business that required proper planning and strategic execution for you to make it work, not forgetting hard work.

Catfish Business plan

Catfish is arguably one of the most consumed fish today in Nigeria, even without statistic backing, you can judge by observation, a little survey will tell you that Nigerians consume a lot of fish, from tilapia, catfish and other species of fish, however, most catfish farmers are most intentional with their choice of product, by observation I have come to an understanding that catfish is the best amongst the rest, reason behind its high demand, you might want to disagree. Meanwhile, I have checked about 3 different fish farms in town, and the predominant fish in most of the ponds were catfish, now why will these guys concentrate on catfish if it doesn’t give the desired profit, don’t get me wrong, other brand of fish have their market value too. You need a livestock business plan in Nigeria in this regard to set up this type of livestock farm.

Pig Farming Business Plan

It is only recently that you get people make request for pock meat, it was never like that. I believe it has everything to do with the way these pigs were farmed.

Pig Business plan

People want to consume healthy meats, and like I said earlier agriculture has evolved and people now have better techniques in farming these livestock. Be rest assured you a livestock business plan in Nigeria to get this going. A business plan for pig farming will surely go a long way, from economic value; pigs are about one of the fastest growing edible animals in Nigeria today. They grow rapidly and they breed well, with the increase in demand for pig meat, it only means one thing and that is pig farming business has attained a lucrative status. Why don’t you try your hand in this regard and farm on pigs.

Poultry Farming Business

Poultry farming business in Nigeria today is arguably the king of livestock farming, I can actually say that everybody eat poultry products, from the eggs to the meats itself, even if you don’t there are people who still need the dung from these poultry for their crops farming business.

Poultry Business Plan

Poultry is very lucrative, nothing is wasted, from the eggs, to the meat and then the dung, all have their monetary value. A poultry business plan will do you good in this regard.

Snail Farming Business

Do you know I love snails in meals (soups) so much that I didn’t know people actually farm them? I got to know about this when a client ask questions on how to start snail farming business in Nigeria, a little research exposed me to the good side of farming snails.

Snail Business plan

The truth is this is likely the most delicate of all, you probably don’t know when they sick unlike other livestock, with a business plan on snail farming all these will be answered properly. Without a doubt, snail farming is very lucrative.

Goat Farming Business

Nothing beats a well prepared goat meat pepper soup with local wine, don’t salivate yet! Goat farming can be ranked side by side with poultry farming; this is because both farming produces almost the same results, from the meat to the dung which serves as manure to many crop farmers.

goat business plan

A properly reared goat can cost as much as N45,000, yeah, you read the price well, the one I priced last Christmas was N35,000, I was indeed shocked at the price, however, the size was worth more than that price though. Goat farming requires capital which will help in the running of the business; from provision of animal feed to medical aid etc. the business involves the following, commitment, hard work and patient. Carryout a personal on goat farming business and then get a livestock farming business plan in Nigeria to start your farming journey.

Grasscutter Business Plan  

Farming grasscutter (Great Cane rat) has become big business hence the need for a grasscutter farming business plan in Nigeria.

grasscutter business plan

The truth is that Nigerians do not really eat those conventional meat as they use to before people now explore with what they eat foregoing food such as beef, chicken, goat meat, turkey etc. No wonder the demand for bush meat particularly grass cutter has continued to increase irrespective of the circumstances as it concerns health. With the level of special order being made at some joint, especially if the grass cutter is still fresh from the bush. Demand for this bush meat has continued to increase without a matching supply. Venturing into this kind of business means one thing, PROFIT! They grow rapidly and a matured female with a pregnancy that last at least five months can repeat the cycle twice in one calendar year and each pregnancy give you an average of 5 grasscutter.

Cattle Farming Business

Cattle farming business plan in Nigeria talks about cow rearing business in Nigeria. Now when the question of cattle farms in Nigeria or cattle rearing in Nigeria comes up, people only relate it to the Nigerian Fulanis, but the truth is, although the Fulanis are known for cattle rearing in Nigeria, however, the business in general can be done by anyone.

Cattle Business Plan

With the cattle farming business plan in Nigeria, you get to appreciate how lucrative this aspect of agriculture is and how viable it can be if properly invested upon. This entails having to provide the necessary tools that will aid you in the venture of farming cattle. Over a period now, we’ve been discussing business plans on various agricultural ventures.

In conclusion, livestock farming business plan in Nigeria comes in multiple forms, simply select the livestock business you want to engage in. The business plans are available, simply send us a message using the WhatsApp link or call US!


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